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Our Advocacy: think, organize, use and, finally, embrace the law in order to exist and to identify among society. We like to define ourselves through creative and consistent legal solutions that are delivered to each of our clients.

We respect choices and freedom of speech. We are strong believers in quality before quantity and we consider that hard work and perseverance are sure ways to find success. We refuse to accept the trade of political influence as a winning concept or to consider state contracts as a business plan.

INSIGHTFUL LEGAL SOLUTIONS to be delivered to each of our CLIENTS.

The team of our days has gathered knowledge and experience starting 2005. Our clients considered us as a valid productive option since then and they continued to stay with us until the present days. We consider the fact of clients choosing to stay with us as a strong validation of the quality of our services and confirmation that we are on the right track! Therefore, each time we choose our weapon of law and put all our team efforts towards client satisfaction and protection, that we believe to be the only engine to keep us in the business.

Just the perfect legal advice for your next project


Alina Ailenei ...


Expertise: commercial and corporate; environmental law; tax & fiscal law; IT&C law


Andreea Chiriță ...


Expertise: commercial and corporate law; banking


Simona Ciofu ...


Expertise: EU & environmental law; employment; agriculture and forestry law


Adriana Nirică ...


Expertise: corporate and commercial; banking


Alina Coșuleanu ...


Expertise: corporate & commercial law; employment law

We like to deliver a fully aware advising service, which represents our efforts to understand your business and it’s directions from all perspectives previous giving you any legal advice. Therefore we work with experts in cadastral and topographic field and architects when you decide to build or buy a building, with energy engineers when you decide to produce green energy or to authorize your company as a photovoltaic energy producer, with environmental experts, biologists, geographers and chemists when you apply for Environmental Authorization or you contest an Environmental Sanction, with banquers when you decide to contest a credit contract. Our range of contacts when discussing about specialists and consultants formed during years of practice and got consolidated step by step with each project finalized together.


Our projects involve frequently the need for financial specialized advice therefore we have developed a long term day-to-day collaboration with experts in the field. Mrs. Georgeta Ichim with 20 years of experience in the field and Mrs. Simion Simona with 10 years experience in the same field are two of such experts that give us their full support while solving our Clients projects, from assisting together with us a fiscal control to delivering complex fiscal analysis.

Cadastral & topographic experts

Since our work involves frequently delivering advises on real-estate management and/or building construction or land acquisitions we realised that having a cadastral expert along our side can open the way to realistic and appropriate solutions for such project and help our clients avoid delaying the project completion due to miscommunication between specialists or superficial knowledge of this field, where technical and legal backgrounds are strongly related. There were numerous situations when our close collaborator Mr. Bogdan Gherasim with his experience as architect and its cadastral team helped us prevent delays in the execution of a project and drafted along our side the documentation for obtaining all construction permits and approvals.

Energy engineers

No energy project can be truly accurate constructed without the help of an energy engineer and we’ve assimilated this concept even from our first project - authorization of a photovoltaic plant - and continued to work since 2008 with Mr. Marius Gheorghiu enjoying and taking advantage of every piece of information that his international experience could offer.

Biologists & biochemists. Geographers & Hydrologists

After a long list of environmental projects that we got involved in we have reach to the conclusion that an environmental expertise (being either a biochemist, either a geographer either a hydrologist specialist or even all together) during the process of drafting the legal documentation required for obtaining the environmental permits is extremely important and that’s the reason for which, beside numerous participations to specific specialization courses of our own legal team, we have developed a close collaboration with specialists teaching at technical universities (in Iasi and in Cluj) or working within private specialized laboratories.


It is almost a truism to affirm that to our days not speaking a foreign language limits your chances of working and developing your work to more than 50%! On this context, dubled by the fact that in our practice we use on a daily bases english language, followed by the less frequent use of french, italian and german languages and by the fact that there are numerous situations when a notary authorized form of a document is required, we have decided to contract our own authorized translators in the person of Mrs. Roxana Birsanu for english language and of Mrs. Alina Podaru for italian.

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