Arbitration, dispute resolution & insolvency

Our experiences teached us that patience and determination can help you overcome the difficulties of the romanian procedural legal system and legal gapes can be turned in advantages.

Experience also teaches us that winning a case in a Court of Law does not guarantee our client’s full recovery of the debts and costs, therefore we recommend litigation only after a pre-screening of the debtor’s financial situation and after understanding the client’s real financial situation, consulting with him while we help him take the best decision for his business.

Corporate & commercial

We provide legal assistance to companies on incorporation, mergers, dissolution and liquidation, starting with drafting and amending constitutive documentation and corresponding registration of the latter to competent authorities, and concluding by obtaining the permits / authorizations required for proper functioning of that company.

Our services of legal assistance also involve procuring advices on company management, active participation on General Shareholders Meetings, drafting the appropriate decisions and cover due diligence, analysis and assessment of the project documents and project permits and licenses, ensuring the conformity of the documentation with Romanian law and practice.

Our daily commercial practice includes assistance during negotiations and drafting of different commercial contracts to be concluded by our clients with its suppliers / clients and partners.

Real estate & constructions

Having advised developers, retailers, investors, financial institutions and funds, we have a dynamic activity in the real estate market, providing a full range of legal services and assistance for national and international clients, including on acquisition of land, forestry land, construction and maintenance, permitting aspects, residential, office and commercial projects, as well as mixed-use scheme developments and asset management work.

Clients also benefit from our in-house assistance module, consisting in a day-to-day presence and collaboration of a dedicated attorney with the client’s assets management team, working together when drafting documentation, facilitating negotiations with suppliers and tenants, as well as co-owners while navigating legal and regulatory issues.


Over the years we have offered our clients representation in contentious cases such as unfair dismissal, disciplinary action and breach of contract, but also advices on non-litigious matters such as negotiation of collective agreements, agreements to be concluded with directors, fiscal employment optimization (including secondment arrangements) and on internal regulations.

The labor practice has also covered white collar crime elements. We have been engaged on several occasions by multinational companies to pursue actions and protect company interests against rogue employees, as well as to conduct investigations regarding potential breaches of applicable fiscal fraud legislation (such as embezzlement, double-dealing, swindling, etc.).

We advise a large number of clients on routine employment matters, such as reviewing and revising standard labor agreements, internal labor regulations, compliance with labor code matters and health and safety requirements, etc.

EU law & environmental

In the environmental domain, our team provided complex and combined assistance (experts in waste management, bio-chemists and hydrologists) regarding environmental matters as part of mergers and acquisitions projects, environmental permitting and compliance matters, as well as matters related to participation of the public in the decision-making process, the functioning of the Emission Trading Scheme, the framework on natural protected areas, general waste management regulations and special regulations on various types of wastes, water-related regulations, assessment of risks related to historical pollution and environmental matters in the context of privatizations.

We have also handled litigation cases involving complex environmental issues, such as the legality of environmental and related permits, the application of penalties under the Emission Trading Scheme framework and challenging the administrative sanctions applied by the Environmental Guard.

We provide advice regarding the implementation in Romania of European Environmental directives and we are in permanent contact with the informations provided by the regulatory/supervisory authorities in the field, for the purpose of ensuring a consistent approach in the areas where Romanian jurisdiction still lacks guidelines and relevant practice.

Tax, fiscal & banking

Given the business environment in Romania, having qualified tax advice is particularly important to a successful investment. Therefore our "combined services" consist in analysis performed by a team of attorneys and tax consultants working together side by side.

Our tax practice managed by fiscal experts focuses on assisting our clients in the planning and structuring of tax efficient multi-jurisdictional, cross border transactions, as well as optimally resolving tax-related controversies.

Our attorneys and tax consultants have extensive experience in matters involving, among other things, tax treaties, inter-company pricing, transfer of property, avoidance of double taxation / profit tax and permanent establishments.

Our practice also includes assisting our clients during tax inspections and providing comprehensive assistance in solving any tax disputes with the authorities at all levels.

Our legal banking services cover areas of leasing, insurance, mortgage lending, mortgage backed security, consumer credits, factoring, purchase of debt`s portfolios, money transfer services, payment services, etc.

IT&C law

We provide assistance in drafting, negotiating and reviewing a wide range of contracts specific to the IT and electronic communications area (various contracts of a technical nature like hardware supply or system delivery, support services, software and related licensing contracts, E-commerce, Internet services, infrastructure, project and equipment finance).

We also advise on compliance and regulatory issues concerning data protection and privacy matters, including, but not limited to, notification formalities, the data operator’s obligations, cross-border data transfers, outsourcing projects and internal assessments and anti-corruption investigations.

Our practice also includes fiscal optimization of the activity of IT companies when approaching the subject of employee retribution and bonuses (including shares within the company) as well as drafting legal opinions and memoranda on fiscal and commercial issues strongly related with the activity of such company.

EU structural funds, agriculture & forestry law

We provide legal consultations regarding the acquisition and disposition of funding from European Union structural funds. Thanks to our collaboration with experienced partners we are able to provide our clients with comprehensive advice throughout the entire process of seeking a suitable grant programme and subsequent grant applications and procedures.

To that effect, we also offer to young farmers complete consultations and assistance in accessing EU funds through the National Program for Rural Growth (currently regulated for the period between 2014 and 2020), especially concerning the newly implemented sub-measure 6.1 for the support of installation/commencement of a young farmer’s business. Our mixt team offers its support starting with drafting and preparing all necessary documents for authorisation (microenterprise, authorised person, etc.) and concluding with drafting the business plan and submitting the relevant documentation for accessing the funds.

We have also supported our forest owners clients on managing the forestry fund and establishing a private forestry administration company that submits to special regulations and is mandatory for certain categories of forest owners. On this domain we have often been in a situation of drafting atypical contracts referring to special conditions of forestry fund exploitation or to the cooperation between forest owners and furniture manufacturers.

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